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DVB-T for automobile(auto,car)
Product Name: DVB-T for auto(automobile,car) with dual tuner and DIBCOM IC
Item Name: ACE-5512A

Mobile DVB-T Receiver for car,voiture,auto,automobile
with dual tuner(double tuner,2 tuner) and DIBCOM IC
Support high speed mobile reception
dvb-t for car with dual tuner and dibcom chipset: ace-5512a

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1.Conform to DVB-T COFDM and MPEG2 standards
2.Use dual tuner(2 tuner) and DIBCOM high performance mobile COFDM demodulator
3.Support >=160km/h high speed mobile reception
4.Multi-Language OSD
5.Bandwidth of 6MHz, 7MHz and 8MHz supported
6.Multi demodulation selection:QPSK,16QAM,64QAM
7.Support EPG function
8.Video output type(PAL/NTSC/AUTO)
9.Software upgrade via RS-232 serial port
10.Low consumption standby
11.Vibration-proof design suit for the motion carrier to receive program signal

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